Prelude to a Kip

Oh, why can’t I sleep?

Why’s this happening again?

Is that… a fox… I can hear?
Or a baby in pain?!

Did I lock the front door?

Is the dishwasher on?

What did I miss in the meeting?
Did I say anything wrong?

God, is that my stomach?!
When did I last eat?

Should I nip down for water?
Or will that make me pee?

Where’s my bottle anyway?
Is it next to my Kobo?

…Oh! Could Jane be the killer?!
But then wouldn’t Nick know?
Or are they in it together?
Did I think that before?
Is it wrong to want Nick dead?
…should I just read a bit more?

Damn, is that a headache coming?
Great, now what do I do?
Have we still got some painkillers?
Or did I take the last two?

Wait, are they… shouting next door?

God, is it really half past one?!

Why’s this mattress so lumpy?
Can I justify a new one?

Do I drink too much coffee?

Should I try that technique?

Oh God, why am I awake?!

I’d kill Nick for some sleep!


napo2014button2This poem was written for NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt was to write a poem where every line is a question, except for the last one. This poem was inspired by my nightly routine – it takes me a very long time to fall asleep – I find it hard to switch off my brain – as you can tell!


10 thoughts on “Prelude to a Kip”

    1. Haha. Great minds?! Personally I blame it on having excess brain power – takes longer to shut down… That’s what I tell myself anyway! 😉

  1. Have been in that situation so many times myself… Smile of recognition on my face – truly enjoyed that! *smile*

    1. Thank you! Yep it’s an annoying and common situation. Glad it’s made you smile – it made me smile writing it… although I’m not usually smiling at 1am! 😉

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