A Bit Like Lightning

An extremely tall Bulgarian man
of less than average looks
was talking to a pretty thing
who would be described as shorter
But that pretty thing
(who considered his looks to be minor
and was more so struck
with what was inside)
ignored the unlikely chances
that society sets out for people like
The Unlikely Two
(who were talking
like there were just two
people on the planet).
In just three weeks
things were really developing
and in a year things were
it was not one bit
by the book.
Two unlikely people,
according to the world.
Two very unlikely people
that are just
so much more
as one.
What are the odds?
It’s a bit like lightning,
one would explain.
Or maybe it’s like lightning twice.
We’re talking about a lottery win;
the improbability of it.
But what a royal result!

napo2014button2This poem was written for NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge was to choose a news story and use only words from that article to write a poem. The story I chose was called “What are the chances of being hit by lightning” and you can see it in full here.


8 thoughts on “A Bit Like Lightning”

    1. Thanks Kiana! I love challenges like this. It was like the song title challenge and the seashell name challenge. Lots of fun!

  1. So lovely to read, and what an amazing story. Don’t bother reading mine today. It’s an absolute mess and I’m thinking of removing it… Tomorrow is another day!

    1. Oh no don’t do that (although I guess I do know the feeling of being unhappy with a piece – that was me very recently!) Whatever you think/decide, yes tomorrow is another day.

      P.s. I love your work x

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