Ode to Coffee

I can taste the electrification
as it courses through my nose,
As it sparks each hair like static
and then jolts into my dome.
Rich and full and bitter,
With a depth I’ve never known,
I can all but see the flavour;
It has a body of its own.
The scent whispers to me softly,
Dulcet Siren of the steam,
I can feel her energise me
as she drags me from my dream.
There is no other aroma,
I must pointedly conclude,
That’s so sensuously sating
as my saintly morning brew.

This poem was written using the daily poetry prompt over at Pooky’s Poems. Today’s challenge was to describe a smell.


6 thoughts on “Ode to Coffee”

  1. Even I who don’t drink coffee (sadly it doesn’t mix well with my medication or I would) starts to salivate after reading this! Eloquently put and perfectly penned!

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