Reciprocal need;
I need him
and he needs me,
I scratch his back,
He scratches mine,
We plod along,
We’re doing fine,
But when did this
become enough?
When did symbiosis
replace true love?
When did meeting
fundamental needs
replace both romance
and chemistry?
Deeds that once
were fuelled by love
are now transacted
with a lack thereof,
We may stand together
as we trudge through life,
But he’s no more a husband
than I am a wife.
We’re partners
of a different kind,
Our marriage certificate;
a contract signed,
One that can quickly
be un-penned
if one partner
fails to hold up their end,
This give and take
is more take than give,
Is this really how
we’ve come to live?
Who knew that
it would come to this?


This post was inspired by an episode of Go, Diego, Go! that I was watching with my daughter this morning. Diego helped to reunite Hippo and his symbiotic friend Oxpecker after there were separated. Inspiration comes from the most unusual places at times, doesn’t it?!

Fisherman cartoon


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