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15 Years Later

If you asked me
15 years ago
If I thought that time could heal
that wound
I would have looked at you
– A rawness in my eyes,
My light nearly all consumed –
And I would have told you with
intense certainty
that it would
fade away
A hurt that great is itself
an entity
that will haunt me every day.

But 15 years have passed now,
The wound is healed,
The scar; less defined,
And the memory
only softly now
like a feather on my mind.

Time is kind.

Black Pixels

Just what will be my legacy?
Black pixels on a screen?
Will children ever learn of me?
Will I shape a young girl’s dream?
I myself once had a dream;
That long after I am gone,
People will be quoting me,
My stanzas turned to song.
But then I face reality,
And from my dream I ebb,
My words are now, and will ever be,
Mere silk in the world wide web.
Yet still I cling to a hopeful blink,
That years on, in a brand new age,
A lost soul will click a random link,
And happen upon this page,
They’ll peruse the works of a me long passed,
And find words that, to them, speak,
Set free, my voice will be heard at last,
And at last we’ll both find peace.
And that will be my legacy;
Black pixels, yet so much more,
To that soul that searched unwittingly,
For the words my heart once bore.


This poem was inspired by the passing of one of the all time greats and my absolute hero, Maya Angelou. She truly was beauty personified and if I could touch just a tiny fraction of the hearts she touched in her lifetime, I would die happy. What a legacy she is leaving us. The world is a little better having had her in it. Sleep well, Maya.


Joy Ride

The scent of the leather that’s dancing on air,
The caress of the wind as it tussles my hair,
The thump of the speakers; they’re playing my song,
The bass in the engine; it’s drumming along,
The feel of the sun as it kisses my skin,
The view of the horizon that’s luring me in,
The palatable joy as I empty my mind,
The freedom when rubber and tarmac align.


This poem was written for NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt was to write a poem using at least three of the senses. This simple anaphora is dedicated to the Audi R8 Spyder that is {hopefully} waiting for me somewhere in my {not so distant} future! Yeah…


The voices of my weakened soul
Empower forces deep
And threaten to drive the threads of life
Into dark and endless sleep
The voices of my shadowed mind
Have drowned out good intent

But still an echoed conscience thrives
And beckons to repent

A redeemer lives in the bitter blood
That pulses through my veins
A whispered voice amongst the rest
Screams out to cease the pain
And though it is lulled and hushed to sleep
By sinful thought and deed
I know it one day will break through
This voice will set me free


I lay a broken woman,
Sobbing from within,
I cursed my very existence,
Laden with untold sins.
I lost all hope, all passion,
I lost my chance for truest love,
I felt the world had turned its back
and all I thrived on turned to dust.

So in my wretchedness and squalor,
At the lowest point I’ve seen,
I lay a broken woman,
No means to be redeemed.

Then I saw a brilliant light,
Just before I closed my eyes,
And I heard the sweetest song
that I scarce could recognise,
And most of all I felt that heat;
Warmth that filled my soul,
I breathed in every whisper
of my saviour’s loving hold,
And I clambered to my knees,
And I stumbled to my feet,
And I straightened up my crooked back
and brushed off the debris,
And I breathed in more of God’s sweet love,
And I felt it fill my veins,
And I held my head up high
as I sensed my strength again,
And I knew it in that instant,
And its truth was so divine,
I will never again feel wretched,

I am blessed and I will rise:

A phoenix from the ashes,
Carried on heaven’s wing,
Not now lost nor ever lonely,
Just aflame with strength within.