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Walk in the Wind

I took a moment to


in the


It took hold of my limbs
and danced me to the skies,

An invisible guide

that found its way
inside my mind
and whispered,

“It will be OK”,

Showed me there’s another way,
That there will be another day
beyond this night,
That it’s all right
to sometimes hide away,

To secrete my tears amidst the rain,

To stifle sobs until they fade,

To mask the pain,

Because a walk inside the wind
clears the cobwebs of all sin,
clears out

e    v     e     r     y     t     h     i     n     g

and muffles all their din
so I can let the right ones in,




so I can win.


Photo credit: Radu Voinea


Inspired by the dutch word uitwaaien:



My favourite place to be
is free
of all things sensory,
Where it is, quite simply,
just my mind and me,
Suspended in a reverie,
Where I’m floating on the deep dead sea,
Or drifting aimlessly
down the great Yangtze,
Sculling soundlessly
between existence and something heavenly,
Where I can jettison anxiety,
Clear out every bit of life’s debris,
Shed the front I allow the world to see,
And for an aeon that’s, sadly,
I can just be


napowrimo2015Today’s prompt was to use a writing exercise to help you write about your favourite place, room, person etc… I didn’t use the exercise but I did write about my favourite place: alone… in my mind!