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Sea of Faces

I’m drowning
in this sea of faces,
So many faces,
All eyes on me,
So many eyes,
I’m suffocated,
So many eyes,
But none can see,
My mind rewinds,
Removes all traces,
Inside, my stasis
starts to bleed,
The wounds are born
from sworn self hatred
that filters out
wellwishers deeds,
All good intent
my mind erases,
And in its place;
a rotten seed,
And from it grows
all the hollow aching
Black Dog’s thirst
could ever

Walk in the Wind

I took a moment to


in the


It took hold of my limbs
and danced me to the skies,

An invisible guide

that found its way
inside my mind
and whispered,

“It will be OK”,

Showed me there’s another way,
That there will be another day
beyond this night,
That it’s all right
to sometimes hide away,

To secrete my tears amidst the rain,

To stifle sobs until they fade,

To mask the pain,

Because a walk inside the wind
clears the cobwebs of all sin,
clears out

e    v     e     r     y     t     h     i     n     g

and muffles all their din
so I can let the right ones in,




so I can win.


Photo credit: Radu Voinea


Inspired by the dutch word uitwaaien:



I’ll curl up right inside myself,
I’ll curl up and I’ll hide,
I’ll hide there right inside myself,
Shrinking, liquefied,
I’ll curl up right inside myself,
They won’t notice I’m not here,
They’ll think I still fill out my skin,
They won’t see me disappear,
Hollow bones and stringy flesh,
Teeth and hair and nails,
The world will see my outline
While I slowly rub out the details.

Hush Child

Hush child,
Close your eyes,
Shutter out the world
and let the stillness fill your mind.

Hush child,
Hold my hand,
Feel its warmth and strength
and know the might it can withstand.

Hush child,
Take a breath,
Let it fill your lungs
and feel the lightness lift your chest.

Hush child,
Lean on me,
Let me take your hurt
and be your rock when you’re in need.

Hush child,
It will pass,
Pain is part of life,
But rest assured that it won’t last.


My Daddy hitted a man,
There was lots of blood and I sawed
that when daddy hitted the man,
the man went to sleep on the floor,

And daddy had on that face,
Like the one when he hitted my mum
and she cried and cried and cried
and kept asking him what she had done,

But daddy, he said it was fine;
He was grumpy but now he’s OK,
That the man is going to wake up,
That the blood will all go away,

He said “Big Man, don’t worry your head,”
(I like it when he calls me Big Man)
“I just want to take a quick ride
in the back of this cool police van!”

And he promised that he’d come back home
to read me a story, so I can sleep,
But… why didn’t he read one just now
to the man who’s asleep at his feet?

Brick Dust

I feel the mortar
beneath my fingernails
I have been
scratching away
for years
walls don’t
when all you do
is you rub
your fingers
across the bricks
all huff and puff
but no conviction
terracotta dust
keeps falling
like confetti
on my toes
but we both know
it could take
a lifetime
it could
quite possibly
take us two
yet still
I keep on scratching
at the brickwork
like a sculptor
working stone
and if I place my ear
against its
and really listen
I’m almost
that I can hear it
that I can hear you

Just a Girl

lay around
abandoned in the
concrete of
my mind. there in
I’d just listen;
I could never see,
I was
a girl

napowrimo2015Today’s NaPoWriMo challenge was to write an Erasure.This involves taking a pre-existing text and blacking out or erasing words, while leaving the placement of the remaining words intact.
I took the first page of the first novel that I wrote and used it to create the poem above. You can see what the original page and the edited page look like below (click to enlarge):

just a girl


What’s this that falls
before my eyes,
With blistered sores
and weary sighs?

A shell, a corpse
that’s mummified
in the bloodied gauze
of her demise,
She is my spirit,
Mauled, maligned,
Her salted tears
have scored and dried.

Malevolence poured
from callous minds,
Like tiny swords
that beat and bind
’til they’ve pilfered thoughts
and plundered rhymes.

My one true call
has cleared the line.


Please hang up
Please hang up
Please hang up
Don’t try again.


napowrimo2015No NaPoWriMo prompt today…. I was feeling far too sorry for myself. Maybe tomorrow………..

A Heart Full of Willow Blossom

I plucked catkins tenderly from a willow,
To show how love captured me when you were born,
I filled the sea endlessly with blonde billows;
No drop unadorned,

They broke the banks, wondrously swathing the land,
With hundreds of heavenly starbursts of gold,
For when you so helplessly searched for my hand,
Your hand found my soul.

napowrimo2015Today’s NaPoWriMo challenge was to write a poem in Sapphics. It’s quite a formal style of poetry with a certain structure and meter (click the link above to find out more). While I’m not sure that I followed the rules perfectly – or even at all – I do like the end result.

Than the Sword

In my hand,
each stroke, once primed,
can fill a page
with endless rhyme,
the cadence
dances in my mind,
into stimuli
that pirouette
down through my spine
and reach my fingers
just in time
for thought and ink
to be aligned,
for my every wish
to be defined.

In my hand,
this pen is mine,
we are one;
a bond divine.
But in your hand,
to you consigned,
it does your bidding,
it speaks your mind.
What mighty power
from meek design;
to ink war and peace
and this little rhyme.

napowrimo2015Today’s NaPoWriMo challenge was to write a calligram (a visual poem) so I also hand wrote the above poem in the form of a squiggle, like you do when you’re testing a pen, which I thought complimented the poem’s theme: