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Sticky, Stuck

My mind is sticky, stuck,

That’s the tricksy part of luck;

To have these thoughts, these needs,

and to never set them free…

They do not know me yet

– closet hyperbolic wreck –

(See, they still think I’m sane

and I still play their games),

But my mind is sticky, stuck,

My lips are melted shut

while my heart growls, stomach screams,

and an earthquake rips my seams.

Black Dog’s pulling on his lead;

A hungry, rabid fiend,

Must let the right ones in

to this naked sideshow of my sin,

But my mind is sticky, stuck,

Disconnected, out of touch,

And they will see the cracks set in,

Watch through translucent skin,

See my insides turn to ash,

Watch me stutter, jerk, and thrash,

But they’ll never do enough

to get my sticky mind unstuck.




I sit and gaze beyond this realm,
My mind is lost in ponder,
My physical self is here, a shell,
Whilst inner feelings wander.
I am not here when you beg my ear,
When you long to feel my touch,
You see just part of who I am,
You’ll never see too much.

To delve beyond the porcelain,
To know my truest being,
You first must clean what life has marred,
Must sate what fate’s left needing.

I sit and drift from dream to wake,
I cannot always say
what happened in my reverie
and what’s real and clear as day.
I am not here when you look at me,
You see an empty craft,
The goodness that once filled my soul,
Is enslaved now in my past.

To find the me that you now seek,
The one you may think you know,
You must free me from prosaic bounds,
You first must let me go.