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Jam Jars

Imagine if Death were a child,
A curious collector of things,
Of the fireflies flickering deep in our souls,
Kept in jam jars with polka dot trims.

Indexed, and ordered, and filed,
An exquisite, unparalleled trove,
An existential menagerie, if you will,
Indiscriminate, eclectic, and bold.

And the stories that she would amass,
Vast tomes atop dust laden shelves,
The penned trinkets and temporal titbits of man,
Bedtime tales of creation itself.

There would be quiet, unassuming ones, ones driven by love,
There would be ones that stood out from the rest,
There would be tragic ones, ones that would go forever unsung,
But the simple, honest ones would be the best.

Every jar, every soul, every book, every tale,
An epitaph for the universe known,
Her museum a beacon for those passing over,
Calling them, guiding them home.

Imagine if Death were a child,
She’d be lonely, she’d be lost and afraid,
But as she toed through the interminable dark after life,
Her jam jars would light up her way.

Adventures of Princess Dragon-Slayer

I wield my sword as dragons snooze,
While hitching the hoop of my gown,
I hold steady on my stiletto shoes,
And cut the blighters down,
Behind comes a cheer from the crowd,
The animals bray, bark and bleat,
They hoist me high above town,
And parade me all through the street,
In my sedan chair I dine with a pirate,
Who tells me his tales of the sea,
He invites me to be his first mate,
And his parrot pipes up, “I agree!”
I stop off in a cave that is dreary,
Where elves live in each little hollow,
They ask if I’ll find their lost fairy,
With a sigh I smile, “Yes, but tomorrow!”
And then just as I reach Neverland ,
There’s a giant in waiting ahead,
He grabs me with one single hand,
And carries me off to my bed.

napo2014button2This poem was written for NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge was to write a poem in a family member’s voice. I chose my 3-year-old daughter who has daily fantasy adventures! It’s never a dull moment.