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Bluebell in my hand,
Sheltered petals kissed with dew,
Cold gnawing at my fingers,
But I will not let her through.

Bluebell safe and warm,
Perfume rising on the wind,
Winter wants to take you from me,
But I will not let him win.

Bluebell dipped in sky,
Violet harbour in this grey,
I know that you are dying,
But you need not be afraid.

Bluebell mine, bluebell mine,
Ever beautiful and frail,
Long after you have left me,
My heart will sing your tale.


I close my eyes
and I can hear
the passage
of my life,
Each ticking of the
A second closer
to the end of time,
Each beating of my
waning heart;
A minim closer
to the end of mine,
But it’s OK,
As the moments
wash away
into the ultra white
that marks
the failing of my sight,
As I edge closer
to the come what may,
to the end of stave,
to the moment
meets my day,
I become the pause,
I am the peace,
I am the silence that
this moment reaps,
I am the final
of deep relief,
I am the saline tear
that dances
down your cheek,
The farewell
that through this
chasm creeps,
I am the gone,
The tacet, the rest,
I am the nothing left,
I am the screaming silence
that is death,
And it’s OK.

Third of Three

I never met you,
But I miss you,
You don’t exist,
But I kiss you
in my dreams,
I set aside a portion of my heart,
Swaddled it in endless love,
And engraved it with your name,
But you never came to be,
And so I miss you.
Destined now to grieve eternally,
For all the times that we’ll not see,
For the smell of you
nuzzled next to me,
Reciprocated love,
You would have been my legacy,
The third of three,
The third best thing
I’ve ever achieved,
A beautiful embodiment of possibility,
But you, my love, weren’t meant to be.
And you, my love, will never be.
And you, my love, will never see
just how much
I miss you.


Once upon the daylight blue,
A longing was drawn in vivid hues,
And sat lucid in her reverie,
For times that she and he once knew.

Painted on her memory’s eye,
Thoughts flittered like a butterfly,
They tickled at the brink of truth,
And swaddled her mind in a dulcet lie.

He no longer walks the realm of we,
He’s not bound by mortal foolery,
But he’s exalted in her ceaseless dream,
Where they dance for all eternity.

This poem was written for NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge was to write a Persian ruba’i, which is stanza with the rhyming pattern AABA. A collection of ruba’i is called a rubaiyat and that is what I’ve produced today. Oh, and the title is a combination of the words forever and reverie!

Dawn Requiem

The night has taken me now
and it is morning.
A day of mourning.
Your tears as dew drops
on the blades of grass at dawn,
Your sighs the gentle wind
that dances with the trees,
My funeral song resounding
as the birds begin to sing.
Remember me each day
and I have not died
but am reborn in every dawn,
And I shall live forever
in the morning.

Angel at the Gates

Heaven opened it’s gates and God called
for our angel to find her way home,
A chorus rang out through our world,
And she passed, finding peace never known.

Then our angel, she stopped at the gates,
She paused there with one step to go,
She rested her hand on her heart
and looked back at our world here below.

Two tears fell and crept down her face,
Two tears purer than ever she’d cried:
One of joy at the beauty ahead,
One of sorrow for those left behind.

As the gates swung and beckoned her in,
She made a promise to all those she had loved
and to all those who’d loved her in life:
She’d eternally watch over from above.

So although our pain at her passing is great,
Though, in body, she’s no longer here,
We find comfort in the thought that, in spirit,
Our angel will always be near.