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Well Played

I am through,
And it’s all on you.
I know that I will lose,
And when I do,
I know that I will choose
to welcome death,
I cannot catch my breath,
My eyes are sunken,
My mind is drunken,
My face is ripped off and I’m hunkered,
The body blows are raining
and I’m failing,
Because I cannot duck and weave,
How can I when I cannot even breathe?
There’s no reprieve.
I am drowning
in the sky,
I cannot hide,
The night
washes over like a tide,
Fills my lungs with poisoned dye
overflowing through my eyes
like acid tears,
And I am melting,
Dissociative and helpless.

I am through
and it’s all on you,
You could stop this if you choose,
But you refuse
to let it go,
Your heart is stone,
Your hooded deeds are hammers striking bone,
Your words alone are iron
and I am pummeled from a lion
to a haggard Jouvet cat,
Slipping from the only consciousness I had,
My head is lolling,
The water’s calling,
I am falling,
I am drowned,
The roar of life
has dragged me down
and it has left me
without sound,
Silent, bloated, blue.

I am through,
and it’s all on you.

Well played.

Eyes Wide Shut

I lay here
conversing with
my inner

We try in vain to find
the drowse,
But sleep still lurks
around here
Hiding like a
sulky child,

A night hag pins my
limbs akimbo
as memories
the peripheries,
In the very edges
of the darkness
I can’t hold on,
I am not me,

I lie at the end of
One Night’s Slumber
but One Night’s Slumber
is avoiding me,

Instead you’re left
with this imposter,
Who screams
at a pitch
to make hearts bleed,
With a tongue that lashes,
flails, belabours,
forked by the dryness
of fatigue,

And I’ll not know
the Sandman’s wonder,
Perchance to sleep;
Forgo the dream.


The sky bleeds pink,
Fat smears of solar ink,
Smudged like mascara on the cheek
of the angel who weeps
for the inevitability that creeps
in across the sky;
The day must die.
And how can the finality of death,
The taking of a final breath,
Yield a beauty that could steal it?
That could make a mind reel in it?
Feel in it
an awe that can change a life?
Make a future bright?
And all within the dying of a light?
Yes, the day must die…
But oh,
the endless possibilities
of the night!

Blue Sky Moon

Cool moon up in the blue, blue sky,
I see you there and I know why;
You know all too well it’s not your time,
But you cannot help but shine your shine.

Gracing the day with night time’s fire,
A trespassing glow and a whispered desire.
Tip your hat my sweet, gentle man,
Wink your eye and beguile this land.

Cool, cool moon in the morning sky,
You see me here and you know why;
It’s not my time, this too is true,
But your glimmer says it will be soon.

Night at the Palace

That night at the palace I was your queen
The fanfare of fireworks setting the scene
A stillness – a peace – fell over the land
And we glimpsed at the beauty that God has us planned
We ascended the stairs to the top of our world
And there we were held as darkness fell
Red mist lit the skies and cast us a spell
The glory of heaven now ours to tell

That night at the palace you were my king
We reigned in the moonlight and danced on the whim
I looked into your eyes and you into mine
And we glimpsed at the beauty that God us designed
Enchanted in silence by the sights we beheld
Our hearts cried out and our souls were compelled
To remember that moment and remember it well
The moment God showed us true love never fails