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Well Played

I am through,
And it’s all on you.
I know that I will lose,
And when I do,
I know that I will choose
to welcome death,
I cannot catch my breath,
My eyes are sunken,
My mind is drunken,
My face is ripped off and I’m hunkered,
The body blows are raining
and I’m failing,
Because I cannot duck and weave,
How can I when I cannot even breathe?
There’s no reprieve.
I am drowning
in the sky,
I cannot hide,
The night
washes over like a tide,
Fills my lungs with poisoned dye
overflowing through my eyes
like acid tears,
And I am melting,
Dissociative and helpless.

I am through
and it’s all on you,
You could stop this if you choose,
But you refuse
to let it go,
Your heart is stone,
Your hooded deeds are hammers striking bone,
Your words alone are iron
and I am pummeled from a lion
to a haggard Jouvet cat,
Slipping from the only consciousness I had,
My head is lolling,
The water’s calling,
I am falling,
I am drowned,
The roar of life
has dragged me down
and it has left me
without sound,
Silent, bloated, blue.

I am through,
and it’s all on you.

Well played.

A Card Game

Lounged on the veranda on a dewy night;
Conman v marine (and conman’s hand is terrible…
He tends to be a sober player, right?)

He’s entirely lost; a jester (allegorical…)
Can the air magic him an anchor in this lough?!
Not now that he’s imbibed; he’d need quite the miracle.

So a hundred times he lost respect somehow,
Unloosed by defamation, sin and other tripe,
Poor Vinny; his tricks are terminable now.

(Plus the video is live and has very many likes!)


napo2014button2This poem was written for NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge was to write homophonic translation. Essentially you choose a poem in a language you don’t know and ‘translate it’ by replacing the words with English words that look/sound similar. The poem I chose was a Spanish one by Joge Guillén called “Aquellos Veranos”. You can see it below…

Lentos veranos de niñez
Con monte y mar, con horas tersas,
Horas tendidas sobre playas
Entre los juegos de la arena,
Cuando el aire más ancho y libre
Nunca embebe nada que muera,
Y se ahondan los regocijos
En luz de vacación sin tregua,
El porvenir no tiene término,
La vida es lujo y va muy lenta.

Because the poem consists of ten lines, I also chose to write my ‘translation’ in Terza Rima.

Adventures of Princess Dragon-Slayer

I wield my sword as dragons snooze,
While hitching the hoop of my gown,
I hold steady on my stiletto shoes,
And cut the blighters down,
Behind comes a cheer from the crowd,
The animals bray, bark and bleat,
They hoist me high above town,
And parade me all through the street,
In my sedan chair I dine with a pirate,
Who tells me his tales of the sea,
He invites me to be his first mate,
And his parrot pipes up, “I agree!”
I stop off in a cave that is dreary,
Where elves live in each little hollow,
They ask if I’ll find their lost fairy,
With a sigh I smile, “Yes, but tomorrow!”
And then just as I reach Neverland ,
There’s a giant in waiting ahead,
He grabs me with one single hand,
And carries me off to my bed.

napo2014button2This poem was written for NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge was to write a poem in a family member’s voice. I chose my 3-year-old daughter who has daily fantasy adventures! It’s never a dull moment.