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Bluebell in my hand,
Sheltered petals kissed with dew,
Cold gnawing at my fingers,
But I will not let her through.

Bluebell safe and warm,
Perfume rising on the wind,
Winter wants to take you from me,
But I will not let him win.

Bluebell dipped in sky,
Violet harbour in this grey,
I know that you are dying,
But you need not be afraid.

Bluebell mine, bluebell mine,
Ever beautiful and frail,
Long after you have left me,
My heart will sing your tale.

Not Like The Movies

True love is not like the movies;
It is not always all singing and all dancing,
It doesn’t always hit you like a lightning bolt,
More often it is slow, and unassuming,
and so quiet that,
You wouldn’t even know it was there.

True love is not like the movies;
There are no moments of remorseful epiphany
leading to grand gestures of love,
Just days of cold shoulders
and cupboard slamming,
Until one of you asks,
“Would you like some tea?”
And the other replies,
“That would be nice thank you, yes.”

True love is not like the movies;
There are few offices bursting at the seams
with red roses ‘just because’,
There are just toilet seats finally put down,
And piles of mashed potatoes
sort of in the shape of a heart.
Sort of.
If you squint.

True love is not like the movies;
There are no mid sentence kisses
to the backdrop of conveniently timed fireworks
that will steal away your breath,
There are just tight lipped pecks
adorned with toast crumbs
as you go in opposite directions
on the morning commute.

True love is not like the movies;
Your partner will break wind
You will fight – without the make-up sex,
Sometimes there will be no sex at all,
Lots of times there will be no sex at all,
Middles will spread and hairs will thin,

Someone will get sick,

You will argue about money,
You will hate each other at least once,
OK, maybe a little more than once,
You will do battle, sometimes with each other,
But more often together, against the world,
You will take it in turns to be the rock,
To cheer each other up,
To be a shoulder, an ear, a hand, a crutch,
You will witness the passage of each others lives
and your own will be better for it,
You will learn and you will grow,
You may feel empty at times, sure,
But mostly you will feel fulfilled,
You will overflow,
You will overcome,
you will endure.
Because true love is not like the movies;
It is real,
It is endless,
It is not bound by the rules of life and death,
It is perfectly imperfect,
And it never fails.

True love is not like the movies;
it’s better.

First Love

You held my hand when I was young,
I looked up and saw more than my father,
I saw the first man I would ever love,
And the mould for each man thereafter.

You showed me the beauty of strength
when it’s blended with a gentle core,
How to appreciate all that I have,
While still pushing myself to be more.

You taught me the value of family,
And that the brain is vessel to feed,
You taught me selflessness and humility,
And the world between want and need.

You taught me how to seek respect,
And showed me how to self-reflect,
How to always reach for the stars,
And how to never accept anything less.

All this and more you have shown me,
And for all this and more I give praise,
You have made me the woman I am,
And I will love to ’til the end of my days.

Hush Child

Hush child,
Close your eyes,
Shutter out the world
and let the stillness fill your mind.

Hush child,
Hold my hand,
Feel its warmth and strength
and know the might it can withstand.

Hush child,
Take a breath,
Let it fill your lungs
and feel the lightness lift your chest.

Hush child,
Lean on me,
Let me take your hurt
and be your rock when you’re in need.

Hush child,
It will pass,
Pain is part of life,
But rest assured that it won’t last.

Brick Dust

I feel the mortar
beneath my fingernails
I have been
scratching away
for years
walls don’t
when all you do
is you rub
your fingers
across the bricks
all huff and puff
but no conviction
terracotta dust
keeps falling
like confetti
on my toes
but we both know
it could take
a lifetime
it could
quite possibly
take us two
yet still
I keep on scratching
at the brickwork
like a sculptor
working stone
and if I place my ear
against its
and really listen
I’m almost
that I can hear it
that I can hear you


Bridge to Freedom

I hear the melancholy slither of
the stream across the stones,
I feel the dampness of the wood
as it seeps into my bones.

My legs dangle through the railings,
Dried up mud cocoons my knees,
I watch my teardrops salt the water
as I cast secrets to the breeze.

I feel trapped inside this vastness,
Life is closing in from every side,
I’m stifled, stuck, in stasis,
Despite the many roads I’ve tried.

But as I sit here on this bridge,
Where soothing silence scents the air,
I close my eyes and I taste freedom,
And I’m transported anywhere.


Bridge to Forgiveness

From here, of course, I see you,
I can almost taste your skin,
But, no, I will not touch you first,
Or you, my love, would win.

You see, there lies between us
a raging river of regret,
And there is no way to bridge it
without someone getting wet.

I confess, the scent of victory
serves to fuel my stubbornness,
So listen up, my darling,
Only you can fix this mess.

So simply say you’re sorry,
Come, we haven’t got all night…
Don’t look at me like that, my dear,
You know I’m always right.


napowrimo2015Today’s NaPoWriMo challenge was to write a poem about a bridge. I wrote two today, the first about a physical bridge and the second about a metaphorical one.

I Choose You

an idea
for us two

[maybe] worth
us playing through:

time that
I choose you,

don’t you
choose me too?

Because, it’s true,
You never do…


napowrimo2015Today’s NaPoWriMo challenge was to write a hay(na)ku (read about it here). I went for the additional challenge of writing a hay(na)ku sonnet – and making it rhyme!

The basis of the poem was taken from a rough scribbling I posted on my Facebook page earlier in the week, so while I’m sure I’ve probably not got it 100% right (I seem to be having a tough time this year, technically speaking), I’m happy with it anyway.

When We Were Wee

We are friends and friends we’ll be,
A promise made when we were wee,
When we’ve grown old disgracefully,
We’ll dip our toes at eighty-three
in the very water of the very sea
where you first made the pact with me.

You swore to be there by my side,
I swore in me you could confide,
We swore with pinkies intertwined
While our mothers bathed ‘neath sunbaked skies,
We’d bridge a gap an ocean wide
to the wipe the tears the other cried.

Not distance, time, nor life’s debris,
Could break the tie from you to me,
Forged with innocence and surety,
With adamance and purity,
A promise made when we were wee,
We are friends and friends we’ll be.


Thisnapowrimo2015 poem was written for NaPoWriMo, but after a long and stressful day at work I did not follow today’s prompt. Hopefully normal service will resume tomorrow!

Ten Diamonds

Ten diamonds on my nightstand,
Right beside my phone,
A nervous joy inside my heart,
A lump inside my throat,

Sweet memories like pendants
dance and twirl and sing,
As I slowly grasp the magnitude
of this tiny little ring,

He is charm inside a cotton shirt,
Desire inside blue eyes,
He is the promise of eternity
exalting each other’s lives,

Ten diamonds on my nightstand,
I can’t comprehend their worth,
But a future now lays before us,
Like a universe at birth.


napowrimo2015Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to pick a card at random from a deck and write a poem about it. I picked the ten of diamonds.

I am currently reading a pre-release book called “The Versions of Us” by Laura Barnett. It takes the structure of the film “Sliding Doors” In which a single moment can alter the course of someone’s life.

So, inspired by both the prompt and the book, I revisted my poem from Day 7 of NaPoWriMo called Ten Dollars and wrote a different version, a different course of the imaginary protagonist’s life. Hope you enjoy it!