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A History Lesson

Morning, long time no write, but it’s #nationalpoetryday today so of course, I had to write a teensy little something……

A History Lesson

A flame is ignited,
Paper fans are firelighting,
A history’s divided
and the ashes fall either side,
Her story unfolds
But his story denies it
A silk net that’s entangled
with untruths inside it,
Love may be blinded
but hate sees a spectrum of shades,
Where she becomes all
because he is afraid?
Or misguided? Or privileged?
Or deeply ashamed?
That the past is not buried, forgotten, mislaid,
That from the fight for true justice
he cannot dissaude
this rainbow that broke through
the clouds that had greyed,
Of the truth that will thrive, that will grow,
that pervades,
And won’t march quietly onwards
To the drumbeat he plays,
Won’t be quelled by the promise
of thirty one days
to remember, and teach, and sing out
of an age
when he was her master
and she was his slave.

© 2016

The Soldier in a Bobble Hat

A handsome man in a Peruvian hat,
In the farthest corner from me is sat,
His uniform hugs his chiselled figure,
His emerald eyes are growing bigger,
As he spies me watching like I’m not,
As I coyly fiddle with my strawberry top,
A sultry smile with curious intention,
Is flashed so suavely in my direction,
I note the sparse dove grey of his ghastly miter,
As it’s removed in a smooth and graceful gesture,
But all at once I’m filled with dread,
As I catch sight of his wounded head,
I part my lips as he strides my way,
But he pre-empts what I’m about to say,
“Forgive me for my awful scar,
I’ve battled a lifetime to get this far,
But I believe I lived that we might meet,
For my heart near stopped; it skipped a beat,
When I saw you, my suffering died a death,
Unequal, bittersweet, you stole my breath.
I swear by the cruel and incised moon,
If you feel nothing, I’ll bid you good afternoon,
But if you feel as I do, and your eyes say I’m right,
Defending your heart will be the last war I fight.”


napo2014button2This poem was written for NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge was to include the name of at least one variety of sea shell (which have some pretty wild names). I chose the following:

Peruvian Hat
Strawberry Top
Sparse Dove
Ghastly Miter
Unequal Bittersweet
Incised Moon


A Love Story

Here is where their story begins,
In a time when they were young,
And they did not yet regret their sins.

A boy whose praises went unsung,
Met a girl who ignored her worth,
And together they climbed on love’s first rung.

But they scaled too quickly from earth,
And when those naïve darlings fell,
They came crashing from their mirth.

They said a bitter-sweet farewell,
And tried to mend their hearts,
But the sadness deep inside did swell.

She knew they could not live apart,
And he knew he could not be her friend,
For her name was inked upon his heart.

They could not a minute longer pretend,
And thus began a new endeavour,
For theirs is a love story with no end.

They’ll climb together forever.


napo2014button2This poem was written for NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge was to write a terza rima; a poem with a rhyming pattern like this: ABA, BCB, CDC, DED etc… I found this a challenge as I couldn’t get my usual flow, but I hope it still works well! Oh, and it was inspired by my own love story and is therefore dedicated to my hubby 🙂