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Well Played

I am through,
And it’s all on you.
I know that I will lose,
And when I do,
I know that I will choose
to welcome death,
I cannot catch my breath,
My eyes are sunken,
My mind is drunken,
My face is ripped off and I’m hunkered,
The body blows are raining
and I’m failing,
Because I cannot duck and weave,
How can I when I cannot even breathe?
There’s no reprieve.
I am drowning
in the sky,
I cannot hide,
The night
washes over like a tide,
Fills my lungs with poisoned dye
overflowing through my eyes
like acid tears,
And I am melting,
Dissociative and helpless.

I am through
and it’s all on you,
You could stop this if you choose,
But you refuse
to let it go,
Your heart is stone,
Your hooded deeds are hammers striking bone,
Your words alone are iron
and I am pummeled from a lion
to a haggard Jouvet cat,
Slipping from the only consciousness I had,
My head is lolling,
The water’s calling,
I am falling,
I am drowned,
The roar of life
has dragged me down
and it has left me
without sound,
Silent, bloated, blue.

I am through,
and it’s all on you.

Well played.

The Soldier in a Bobble Hat

A handsome man in a Peruvian hat,
In the farthest corner from me is sat,
His uniform hugs his chiselled figure,
His emerald eyes are growing bigger,
As he spies me watching like I’m not,
As I coyly fiddle with my strawberry top,
A sultry smile with curious intention,
Is flashed so suavely in my direction,
I note the sparse dove grey of his ghastly miter,
As it’s removed in a smooth and graceful gesture,
But all at once I’m filled with dread,
As I catch sight of his wounded head,
I part my lips as he strides my way,
But he pre-empts what I’m about to say,
“Forgive me for my awful scar,
I’ve battled a lifetime to get this far,
But I believe I lived that we might meet,
For my heart near stopped; it skipped a beat,
When I saw you, my suffering died a death,
Unequal, bittersweet, you stole my breath.
I swear by the cruel and incised moon,
If you feel nothing, I’ll bid you good afternoon,
But if you feel as I do, and your eyes say I’m right,
Defending your heart will be the last war I fight.”


napo2014button2This poem was written for NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge was to include the name of at least one variety of sea shell (which have some pretty wild names). I chose the following:

Peruvian Hat
Strawberry Top
Sparse Dove
Ghastly Miter
Unequal Bittersweet
Incised Moon



And so this is Sparta:
The field is set,
The players swords
are blood red, wet
The clash of steel,
and cries of thirst
The line between justice
and murder blurs,
As does the footstep
of the man before,
Who ran from the trenches
Unto the war,
And he was felled,
And you are next
Your boot in the imprint,
of his final step,
The last enemy stands
and you catch his eye
His strength is ebbing,
On death’s great tide,
And in a laboured breath
– Or two –
You see that he
resembles you,
You see his pain,
You smell his fear,
You catch a glimpse
of one lone tear,
And there’s the reaper
standing by,
Hungry to claim the final life,
And your sword is heavy,
And your hand is weak,
And your spirit is loathed to
break the meek,
And you stand here both,
Just you and he,
One life must end
You both concede,
He lifts his weapon,
He steadies his feet,
You match his stance,
You grit your teeth,
Memories of loved ones
begin to creep,
You close your eyes
and begin to weep,
You hear him struggle,
As he shuffles toward,
You whisper a prayer,
And run through his sword.